Citizen’s Band: American Food With A Ring

Citizen's Band // Street View

Citizen’s Band // Street View

July 27, 2013
By Amy Powell

Positioned on the bustling corner of Folsom & 8th Street in San Francisco, Citizen’s Band is not only highly visible to foot and car traffic, it neighbors two local nightclubs – the Cat Club and the F8 Lounge. Boasting a moderate industrial atmosphere, and tiny (only 1,200 square feet) space, Citizen’s Band has a fresh face, cozy feel, and local esteem.

On a Friday night, I was lucky to get one seat at the frequented “seat yourself” counter. If parties of two or more did not have a reservation, they were in for a wait (30 – 45 minutes at least). Despite the crowd, I was greeted quickly by the night’s manager, seated, and served silverware, a full glass bottle of water, and an eco-friendly, double-sided dinner menu.

The menu featured an equal amount of savory American diner-style plates (fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, grilled burger) and flavorful vegetarian selections (kale salad, padron peppers, daily vegetarian special). Each of Citizen’s Band’s plates provided a yummy-something for every palette. Portions were generous, and each plate was complimented by an exciting, artistically placed addition – a tower of onion rings atop the mac & cheese, an asparagus bridge next to the Ca​esar salad, and a melting stack of “12K” (everything you’d ever want, if you were daring enough to order it) on your Kobe beef burger.

Asparagus Caesar Salad

Asparagus Caesar Salad

I ordered the “Asparagus Caesar Salad” and “Padron Peppers” appetizer, paired with a chilled glass of NV Prosecco Bel Casel from Italy. As my server cracked open a fresh bottle of Prosecco, the two-man chef team acknowledged my order for a brief second as they seamlessly prepped, steamed, grilled, fried, and plated dish after dish in their open, back-corner kitchen.

Padron Peppers

Padron Peppers

As my appetizers arrived, the manager motioned to one of the three parties patiently waiting at the front door. While she showed them to the “community-table,​” without missing a beat, my server quickly filled a bottle with water, grabbed ​four​ glasses and delivered them to the new diners. He was then quickly back in the kitchen to help carry hot food to a table across the room. The quality of service and attentiveness of staff was impeccable. M​y appetizers were unique, flavorful, and portioned to perfection. And the prices were moderate.​

Before I could ask for my bill, my server was printing and dropping my check in front of me alongside two homemade mini sugar cookies. Delicious. I left the restaurant with a full belly and a satisfied palette – tastes of salt, sugar, hot peppers and cool Prosecco lingered on my tongue​. Next time, I’ll​ order the burger (all “12K” of it)!

My View

My View

Find Citizen’s Band on the Web, Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy!


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